it is my goal to make all things wine approachable and fun, even to the beginner.
let’s refresh wine education by becoming the experts of our palate, truly identifying what it is we love and what we don’t through the breakdown of a wine’s structural elements. 

through community, we’ll explore this together while we expand our horizons and discover new wines from all over the world, and especially in our own backyards.
Become the expert of your palate.

For beginner to advanced wine drinkers
We hear the terms acidityalcohol, and body but do we really know what they mean? What does acidity feel like? Does it have a  taste? What does alcohol  feel like? Where do we sense it?

The Dirt On Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the world’s most planted and loved wines is made from a lovely grape called Cabernet Sauvignon. We know Cabernet Sauvignon as a household name and it’s also in so many gorgeous blends, namely Bordeaux and Bordeaux-style. 

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