Greeting Cards

Wine pairing has never been so punny! Grab a bottle and one of the wine-pun cards to complete the perfect gift for any wine lover!

The perfect engagement celebration happens with a toast and who better than to offer such a celebration than you! The blushing bride-to-be will gush at the thoughtful gift of Pinot (Noir, Meunier, Gris, Grigio, Blanc… the options are plentiful) accompanied by a card filled with gushing sentiments of eager congratulations.
Grab a bottle of Gewürztraminer alongside this card for a perfect pairing gift to the wine lover in your life growing another year wiser. .
Not every gift requires a special occasion. Perhaps just a special friend with whom you’d like to share a lovely bottle of Gewürztraminer. Gew’d Vibes Only.
All you have to do is pour the wine, make a very favourite dinner, dim the lights, sign this card for your sweetheart and set the table by candlelight. Happy Anniversary!