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It is my goal to make all things wine approachable and fun, even to the beginner
Blind Tasting with Tonia McArthur
The Sipster's Wine Podcast

High Fives with Tonia McArthur
The Sipster's Wine Podcast

Exploring Chenin Blanc: Vouvray Wine Tasting
Weekly Wine Academy

Discover the Intricacies of Pinot Noir
Weekly Wine Academy

Become the expert of your palate. 

For beginner to advanced wine drinkers
The High Five Wine Scoring System Book
We hear the terms acidity,
alcohol, and body
but do we really know what they mean? 

What does acidity  feel like? 
Does it have a  taste
What does alcohol  feel like? 
Where do we  sense it?

I walk you step-by-step how to become
the expert of your own palate in my book!